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Renowned for her advanced knowledge of Genomics, Anti-aging and her brilliance in diagnostics,
Professor Elena Baranova, Europe’s leading expert, can now show you, by appointment,
how to harness this knowledge and use it to change your genetic direction, leading to an abundance of youthful vitality that will transform your life.


Professor Elena Baranova is certified MD, PhD, HDR
What makes BARANOVA MONACO so special
Do not separate your genes from the body!

BARANOVA MONACO provides you the very unique synergy of rare simultaneous analysis and result interpretation of your genetic, clinical, functional analyses and lifestyle data based on exceptional knowhow of Prof Baranova.

Live in harmony with your genes, mind and body!

BARANOVA MONACO programmes provide unique results: activation of your DNA, physical and mental potential. The achievement of DNA-brain activation brings you to anti-fatigue, anti-stress and strong anti-aging effect based on cell rejuvenation. It also leads you to successful weight regulation without restrictive diets.

Step by step to health & rejuvination

- Each client, who follows BARANOVA MONACO programmes, gets highly personalized genomic expertise and step-by-step 24 h planning for several months.


– Recommendations are adjusted to your taste and biorhythms, what makes it easy to perform. Indeed, we cannot give the same recommendations for 35 y.o. man and 55 y.o. woman, even if they have the same genotypes and nutritional habits!)

Make your genes work for you!

BARANOVA MONACO provides highly personalized recommendations using unique sophisticated knowhow of Prof. Baranova in epigenomics– optimizing your gene activity, what also helps with successful hormonal regulation

Quantum genomics & micronutrition

Inspired by her clients and students, Prof. Baranova has developed a special quantum genomics supplements for effective direct DNA activation – GENECEUTICALS® – products, which help to achieve reliable health and rejuvenation results. Prof Baranova talent has been awarded & recognized internationally.

Baranova Monaco

Baranova Monaco is the world’s leading pioneer in genetically guided health, beauty and wellness solutions.


Professor Elena Baranova’s proprietory genetic profiling determines your individualized solution. Our bespoke products then provide a unique experience, created exclusively for you, your genetic identity and lifestyle.


Professor Baranova is supported by world leading specialists in medical genetics, nutrigenetics, pharmacogenetics, anti-aging, and functional medicine along with other related disciplines. Professor Baranova is now considered to be the world’s leading expert in genetically based anti-aging and personalised prevention.

What makes BARANOVA MONACO so special